Aesthetica 2014: shorts circuit York, review in Sight & Sound by Harriet Warman

“Cecilia Stenbom’s System stood out for its tight structure, effectively clinical production design and strong performances, creating a satisfyingly unnerving depiction of neurotic sisters crushed by the breakdown of their tightly controlled world.”



SYSTEM selected for London Short Film Festival!

SYSTEM will be screened at London Short Film Festival on Saturday January 10th at Hackney Picturehouse part of the Femmes Fantastiques programme.



SYSTEM is part of the Official Selection at this Years Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York





SYSTEM is competing for Best Cinematographer category at this years Underwire Festival. 

Congratulations to Emma Dalesman for the nomination.

Underwire Laurels


SYSTEM mentioned as part of the review of Everyday Collateral:



Production of SYSTEM featured in March 14 issue of NARC magazine:

NARC. Marchstenbomfeature



Behind-the-scenes footage. All photos by Chris Younger.

system-day3-48 system-day2-59 system-day2-28 system-day1-57 system-day1-40 system-day1-35


Technical recce

On location at Eldon Gardens, Newcastle with Cecilia Stenbom, Emma Dalesman, Kev Todd, Jack Tarling, Chris Younger and Mark Chapman on 13/02/14

IMG_0528 IMG_0659 white

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